You hear it all the time. “Larry Hogan isn’t so bad.” But if Larry Hogan seems ok it’s because he has been a very quiet Governor.  You don’t hear much about him or from him unless he is taking credit for something. Behind the scenes, Larry Hogan is much farther to the right than you realize.

Here are some things you should  know . . .




Hurting Vulnerable Communities

Interfacing with Constituents

Trump Policies that Hurt Maryland


We want you to know the real Larry Hogan, the Governor who says he is "neutral" on Trump but who raises millions of dollars for Trump's favorite candidates.  We want you to know the Larry Hogan who signs progressive bills only when there is a veto proof majority that don't need his signature to pass.  We want you to know that Larry Hogan is not interested in learning about an issue until the poll numbers are too high to ignore it.  Larry Hogan is not the leader Maryland needs.

Learn the real stories here about how Larry Hogan always sells Maryland short!

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The Truth About Larry Hogan

Destroying our Public Education System

Position on Fossil Fuels and the Environment

Failing Maryland Workers

Position on Guns and Ties to the NRA

Silence in the Face of Trump Policies that Hurt Marylanders

Actively Hurting Vulnerable Communities Including the Poor and the Sick

Ethics issues 

Continues to invest in development projects – he does not have a blind trust

Interfacing with constituents